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The Occult Sciences


What is occultism ?

Deuteronomy 18.10 : "Let no one be found among you who makes his son or daughter pass by fire, no one who exercises the profession of diviner, astrologer, augur, magician, enchanter, person who consults those who evoke spirits or say good adventure, no one who questions the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord.

Definition: occultism refers to the occult sciences relating to alchemy, astrology, magic, divination, occult medicines... touching the secrets of nature, to what is not visible.

1-) What does the Bible say ?

Leviticus 20.27 : "If a man or a woman are evocative of spirits, or fortune-teller, they will surely be put to death ... their blood will be upon them."

The Bible is inspired by God and tells us the truth. She has a divine authority. She recognizes that there are supernatural powers that do not come from God. But it STRICTLY FORBIDS to resort to it because God knows that their origins are all of Satan.

2-) Its origins and purpose.

Isaiah 14:12: "Behold thou fallen from heaven, O shining, ye son of the dawn, Thou art fallen on the ground, thou the conquerer of the nations, saying in thy heart, I will ascend to heaven, and I will lift up my throne above the stars of God...."

God had created a perfect archangel: Lucifer, like a son of the dawn, but pride made him sin. When he opposed God, he led many other angels with him, who became fallen angels: demons. The purpose of occult practices is to establish a demonic spiritual connection through deception with men. This results in spiritual contracts or satanic possessions. Even if you have never practiced, you are likely to have inherited a contract from your ancestors.

3-) Occult practices.

Leviticus 20.6 : "If anyone speaks to the dead and to the spirits, to prostitute themselves after them, I will turn my face against this man...."

a) The preaching :

All the sermons of the future by the seers; fortune tellers; by astrology; by the horoscope; reading the line of the hand; the cartomancy; the pendulum; spiritualism (ex: ouija board) and many other forms, its satanic spiritual activities. Some can communicate directly with demons (python spirits) that make you think of being dead.

b) The occult medicines :

Magnetisers; the fire helmsmen; reiki; healers; acupuncture; hypnosis; sophrology etc ... What a vicious promise! It is not the person who practices that is bad. She herself is not aware of the harm she is doing. It relieves you and it is for service rendered that the demon gets rights over you.

c) Spiritual techniques :

Yoga; the new age; transcendental meditation; drugs; the entrance into trances; and even some music, people give up control of their mental faculties. The demonic powers then enter these people and take possession. The Devil is then honored and the person possessed.

d) The magic :

All the colors of magic; spells; voodoo; witchcraft ; the sacrifice of blood (eg sacrificial rite, worship of Satan) means selling one's soul to the devil (pact with Satan). They are satanic practices aimed at gaining power; glory; money....

4-) Warning.

Matthew 25.41 : "Then he will say to those on his left, Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels."

Satan and his demons are experts at deceiving people. I urge you to flee all occult practices! Satan promises a lot, but he always deceives, and it is always paid dearly by eternal death in hell. All who practice; listen or look wrong to their soul and their offspring. No believer can rely on God to protect him so willingly or out of curiosity, he is interested in his diabolical activities.

5-) Repentance and deliverance.

1 Corinthians 10.21 "You can not drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of demons, you can not partake of the Lord's table, and the table of demons." 

If you are under the domination of a spiritual power or if you have experienced curious practices; supernatural and occult (even in the distant past). If you have not yet believed in the Lord Jesus, you are still burdened with your sins which are a continual contempt of God and deserve his judgment, you can not escape. Only the Lord Jesus has all the power and authority to deliver you from it. Repent tirelessly and confess your state to the Lord Jesus. Fasting and prayer are important. The Lord will give you total liberation and eternal life in your perseverance and in the love of His Word: The Bible.

6-) Tips.

Acts 19.19 : "And a certain number of those who had exercised the magical arts, having brought their books, burned them in front of everyone...."

You will need to clean up your home, burning all objects related to its practices: books; the cards ; amulets; fetishes; ouija board; pendulum, all that relates to the practices of occultism or fetishism.

James 4.7 : "Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you."

Conclusion : to practice or to be interested in occult sciences or medicines is to recognize the authority of Satan and to indulge in him, willingly or for lack of knowledge. The goal of Satan and replace God by deceit. He does not want God to be honored, but to worship Himself. But he is not God, he is only a creature, a fallen angel destined for hell. All his demonic practices have only one goal, your destruction. It is impossible to free oneself. Only the Lord Jesus Christ has the power to break Satanic spiritual bonds. You must repent to the Lord; read the Holy Bible and practice fasting. Finally, do you baptize by immersion by a brother in Christ, it is very important! Your total involvement in sanctification and communion with the Lord Jesus are indispensable.

1 John 3.8 : "He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning, and the Son of God has appeared to destroy the works of the devil." Amen !