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The Laziness


What is laziness ?

Proverbs 26.15 : "The sluggard plunges his hand into the dish, and finds it painful to bring it back to his mouth."

Definition: behavior of someone who is loath to effort, work, activity. Taste for idleness; nonchalance; softness.

Proverbs 24.30 : "I passed by the field of a sloth, and by the vineyard of a man without sense, and behold, the thorns were everywhere, the brambles covered the face, and the stone wall. was crumbling."

After our conversion, we begin to be aware of new desires, which come from our Spirit regenerated by the Holy Spirit, they are directed to the Kingdom and the Justice of God. Paul warns Christians, exhorting them not to walk like pagans, because it is possible for a born-again Christian to still walk like a heathen. The lazy man thinks himself wiser than seven men who have wisdom. He remains voluntarily passive for his own interests.

Proverbs 21.25 : "The desires of the lazy slay him, because his hands refuse to work...."

To be lazy is the unfolding of a negative life without motives, it destroys the service opportunities for the Kingdom. Neglect leads to defeat and forgetfulness for all souls who do not know the Savior. The daily reading of The Holy Word and prayer are indispensable, we must fight the enemy and not remain passive. When the thirst for God is the motor of our Christian life, Christ enlightens us to good works. The plowman works for a good harvest, he struggles for the Kingdom, he feels indebted. Let us be faithful witnesses: useful servants.

Matthew 25.45 : "Who is the faithful and prudent servant, whom his lord has established over his people, to give them food in due season?" Blessed is this servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.

A carnal soul, which is not born again, is totally foreign to the life of God, because of the ignorance that stems from laziness. The lazy is a loser, he will never be on honors. Success comes through the will and desire to know God with all his heart and soul. The foolish virgins have neglected the oil in their lamps, having an oil-free lamp makes no sense. They were judged for their laziness. One can not call oneself a disciple without having the presence of the Holy Spirit in us and not acting. Let us be filled with the Holy Spirit to apply the Word of God.

1 Corinthians 4.20 : "For the kingdom of God is not in words, but in power."

Concerning his social status and consideration related to his religious zeal, Paul declares that he considers his things as a loss, and that he considers them as mud because of the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus. After giving up the privileges of his rank as a Pharisee, Paul had a job: he made tents to support himself and others. No mention of a brilliant success, of a company that thrives for its service or its loyalty. He was himself in need. But God always gives us encouragement and certainty that we can cling to.

Proverbs 22.29 : "If you see a man skilled in his work, he stands with kings."

When he left Ephesus for his last trip to Rome, Paul reminded believers with whom he lived: "I did not covet money, nor the gold, nor the clothing of anyone. You yourself know that these hands were used for my needs and for the people who were with me. I have shown you in all things that in working in this way we must help the weak. "(Acts 20:33). God, is the father of orphans, the support of those who are without resources. Our main goal is to reflect his love for all the needy. It is the heart of God.

Matthew 25.23 : "And his master saith unto him, This is good, good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful in little, I will establish you for many, enter into the joy of thy lord."

Conclusion : when the heart is hardened by laziness, faith decreases. The Christian who walks by the flesh did not place God in the first place in his life. Laziness makes us believe that lack of obedience is the consequence of our "human weaknesses". It brings us back to ease so easily, if we do not watch. None of us can afford to waste time doing nothing because God does not reward passivity. Children of God, let us serve our faith to do beautiful things. This holy attitude is a way of life. Let us work to express the love and compassion of Christ, take care of the brothers and sisters because where the men of the heart are, there is Victory !

2 Timothy 2.1: "Therefore, my child, strengthen yourself in the grace that is in Jesus Christ." Amen !