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The Inequity


What is inequity ?

Romans 4.7 : "Blessed are those whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered !"

Definition : condition of the one who violates the moral law. Refers to a vain and valueless act.

Matthew 7.23 : "Then I will openly say to them," I never knew you, depart from me, you who do iniquity."

The whole world lies in the wicked. The universality of sin is affirmed in the scriptures. Even the "just" are concerned. It's not because we do not feel guilty, that we are not, and vice versa. Sin seems like a confused perception defining a disorder in life, an error of the mind far from the divine will, it missed the target. Iniquity, inequality and injustice can be defined as a transgression to the law of God.

1 John 3.8 : "The sinner is the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning, but the Son of God has appeared to destroy the works of the devil."

Satan drinks of our resentment, these roots are: slander; wickedness ; jealousy ; envy ; gossip ; racism ; the rancor ; hypocrisy ; The lie ; anger ; pride; gossiping ; diffamation....

But fortunately for us: "Christ died for our sins" (1 Corinthians 15: 3). This is good news far from the religious world! Christ is the one who deserves our love and our gratitude. It is the story of men and women who trust God in a unifying human and divine relationship.

Psalms 1.1 : "Happy is the man who does not follow the counsel of the wicked, who does not stop in the way of the fishermen and does not sit with the scoffers, but who finds his pleasure in the law of the Eternal and meditate day and night."

Think like this: if you carry unfairness or are your roots? Let us never forget that we will be judged by the Lord of the harvest for our neighbor's sake. Do not fall into this sin so widespread. "Little children, let no man deceive you: he who does righteousness is just, just as he is righteous." (1 John 3.7). We know how the enemy works "the accuser of the brothers" has always ruled over the past centuries and we still see today the tragic and problematic reality of humanity.

Galatians 5.24 : "Those who belong to Jesus Christ crucified their own nature with their passions and desires, if we live by the Spirit, let us also lead by the spirit." Let us not be vain in provoking one another the others, envying one another."

The emptiness of man is far from God, it is a deep lack that only God can fill. Born again, the process is reversed, our relationship with God is translated into concrete actions. It is a Christian life that testifies to the reality of our sincere will. This covenant with God gives meaning. Grace conveys an intention of a relationship of love, compassion and generosity that is fully expressed in Christ. This universal love is transmitted to all men, peoples, ethnic groups.

1 John 3.9 : "Whoever is born of God does not sin, because the seed of God abides in him, and he can not sin, because he is born of God."

Conclusion : open our heart to our neighbor by living in peace, respect, love and forgiveness. If we suffer the attacks of evil spirits, do not pick up his tense traps. You are among the privileged targets, you the chosen ones of God. Preserve are heart, it is to be able to discern and respond with love. To captivate all negative thought to the obedience of Christ is essential. Let us rediscover the Christianity that we knew in the times of the apostles, cultivate the aspects of the Christian life that transmits Love.

Matthew 22.39 : "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Amen !