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What is idolatry?

Isaiah 31.6 : "Come again to Him whom we have turned away, Children of Israel, on that day every man shall cast away his idols of silver and his idols of gold, which ye have made with your criminal hands."

Definition : The basis of idolatry is when you draw strength or invest in something other than God. Idol is what you consider your source.

1 Corinthians 10.7 : "Do not become idolaters, like some of them."

What is an idol ?

The idol perhaps all that we place before God in our life! This is what we love, what we desire, what satisfies us, all that we pay special attention to rather than the Lord. A follower of Yeshua is not self-centered, he does not allow discontent to act in his heart, he does not seek satisfaction outside of obedience to God. An idol is more than figurines, statues, crucifixes, rosaries or altars. It is clearly religious who raise idolatry to things like this. The child of God does not miss the basic warnings of His Heavenly Father's Word.

Why does God hate idolatry so much ?

Idolatry is a sin, Satan wants to distract us from the worship we owe to God. Even believers can subconsciously cultivate "idols" in their lives. What we attach importance to is not necessarily embodied by a person or a statue. We can if we are too self-centered, become our own idol and this can affect any area of ​​our lives, for some it will be wealth, or a successful career. An idol is what takes the place that God deserves.

Gal. 5.19 : "Now the works of the flesh are manifest, they are fornication, uncleanness, dissolution, idolatry ... I tell you in advance, as I have already said, that those who such things will not inherit the kingdom of God."

What is God's attitude to idolatry ?

God says, "You will not make idols" (Leviticus 26.1). Whether it is a statue in front of which one prostrates oneself or something that we have too exalted in our heart and that we serve (even unconsciously), the attitude of God towards the idols has always been very clear, because the first place in our heart only returns to God.

Exodus 20.3 : "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

Council : clean up your home by destroying all representations !

Here are some examples like :

- religious symbols: crucifix; rosary; images; gourmettes; pendants etc ....

- Religious statues: the saints; the Virgin Mary; nurseries; angels etc ....

- The statues and images of deities: the Buddhas; African masks; the deities of the world etc ....

- The images of stars (living or dead personality): the singers; players; football players etc ....

- The things of the world: money; car ; House ; jewelry; family objects, professional success ... can also lead us to a direction that produces death.

All that comes from this world is seduction and we come from Satan. No matter what source of happiness, provision, comfort we place before God is an idol. The power of all these idols lies in our hearts.

Isaiah 2.17 : "The proud man shall be humbled, and the haughty man shall be humbled, The LORD alone shall be lifted up on that day, and all the idols shall be gone away."

Jeremiah says that idols are only lies, a work of deception. It is the demons who use it to deceive men. Yes, whether one recognizes it or not, evil spirits hide behind idols and are at work in this way to divert men from the will of God. The image cut, she has no power! If a power is revealed to the worshipers of religious statues, we know where it comes from: Satan.

1 Corinthians 10.19 : "What shall I say, that the meat sacrificed to idols is something, or that an idol is something? No, I say that what is sacrificed, it is sacrificed to demons, and not to God, but I do not want you to be in communion with the demons."

Conclusion : all idols, whatever they may be, are a Devil's maneuver to seduce and ruin us.
The Lord, would like to be the center of our life, to avoid us the inner emptiness and disappointments. He wants our happiness because He is our Creator. In becoming a man, Jesus, the Son of God came to the earth to meet men and live with them, he revealed himself as the God of Love. For a life of balance and inner peace, he knows what we need: the forgiveness of our faults, and a life in which He is fully present. The true worshipers, as the Father willed, is "In Spirit and Truth", the disciples must literally worship: "In Breath and Vigilance". Through his Holy Spirit, God the Father, wants us to consciously enter into relationship with Him, in the intimacy that is his by our Lord Jesus Christ who is the one and only way predestined before the foundation of the world for all his children. We honor God as the only source of our life and, as such, reject the choices that separate us from Him.

1 John 5.21 : "Little children, keep idols." God has always adamantly advocated the use of statues and images in worship, whether they belittle God or they divert the devotion of men from Himself. You have to worship, there is also idolatry, do not be deceived by human arguments, the will of God is clear: you will not make a graven image ... you will not worship before they." Amen !