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The Dreams


What is a dream?

Genesis 40.8: "And they said unto him, We have had a dream, and there is none to explain it: Joseph said to them, Is it not to God that the explanations belong?"

Definition : supernatural psychic state occurring during sleep. These dreams can have several sources: ourselves; darkness or the Lord.

Psalm 103.13 : "As a loving father is full of compassion for his own children, the Lord has compassion on those who revere him."

The sources of our dreams:

1 - Our soul: night dreams are the consequences of our activities in the day, they come from ourselves. They are a psychic production occurring during sleep and which can be partially memorized.

Psalm 126 : canticle of the degrees. "When the LORD brought back the captivity of Zion, we were like those who have a dream."

2 - Darkness : nightmares are gray; dark and cold. These are spiritual attacks of the enemy in order to afflict us (to strike someone with evil). Also to tempt you by husbands or women at night. So close the gates to the enemy by no longer sinning and repenting. If you are a slave of Satan through sin your fortress will be opened and will be pillaged with fire and blood. You will wake up sweaty and empty all your energy. Put yourself in order with the Lord. Refuse these demonic attacks by taking authority in the Name of Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord for protection in prayer and repentance before going to bed. Do not forget your love for Bible reading and regular fasting. You will spend a sweet and restful night by the grace of God. 

Job 4.13 : "When the visions of the night shake the mind, when men are deep, I am terrified and terrified, and all my bones shake." A spirit passed by me, all the hairs of my body bristled."

3 - The Holy Spirit or an Angel: it is a colorful and clear dream. The dream is a sequence of images that brings a story. When we sleep, our soul is dormant, but our mind does not sleep. God bypasses the resistance of our soul to reach our spirit.

Job 33.15 : says, "He speaks by dreams, by nocturnal visions, when men are given a deep sleep, when they are asleep on their couch, and he gives them warnings, and puts the seal upon his instructions."

God desire to talk to us through dreams. We must know Jesus to be able to understand what our dreams mean. Only his sheep hear his voice. These are images in thoughts. Their purpose is to warn us of enemy traps and to lead us on the right track. The dream is above all a revealer of truth. Through the Holy Spirit through the Lord Jesus Christ we can have revelations. It takes spiritual discernment to understand his messages. A dream gives us the impression of a feeling of peace; hope and change. It is clear and colorful. God wants to reassure us.

Acts 2.17 : "In the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit on all flesh: your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams."

Inasmuch as the intelligence of the heart remains open, evil will never prevail against wisdom. There is always a meaning, a mystery that God wants to reveal to us. God loves us to seek revelation, we can understand it quickly and see it many months later. We must seek God's plans, that's what He wants from us so the Lord wants to reveal truths to His children. We are actors in dreams, so they have a meaning of their own. They arrive in the early morning just before we wake up. We must take them very seriously and examine them carefully in spirit and truth.

Proverbs 25.2 : "The glory of God is to hide things, the glory of kings is to search things..."

Conclusion : God wants to talk to us through dreams, they always have an important place in the Christian life. God's dreams always build faith, strengthen his people, and are a powerful encouragement. They can also be prophetic, warning of a threat or a great danger ahead. A dream always confirms the Word of God in Spirit and Truth and clearly reveals Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The discernment that God gives is essential, because the intellect of man is only vanity. If God gives you a dream, ask God to give you full revelation. By the wisdom of the Holy Spirit the Lord will reveal his message to you.

Numbers 12.6: "Listen carefully to my words: when there is a prophet among you, it is in a vision that I, the LORD, will reveal myself to him, in a dream I will speak to him." Amen!