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Joy of Salvation


Listen to the joy in your heart

Psalm 71.23 : "In celebrating you, I will have joy on your lips, The joy in my soul that you have delivered."

The joy of salvation is a state of satisfaction manifested in cheerfulness and good humor. The fact that we express our gratitude to God for what he gives us fully in Christ is an immense joy.

Psalms 97.11 : "The light is sown for the righteous, and the joy for those whose heart is upright."

It is because of the hardness of our heart that joy is effaced, but when the work of God touches us, we have the certainty of salvation through the work of Christ. In a world of suffering and lack, Jesus brings us abundance. Through the Holy Spirit we are kept in the happiness of salvation. When we remain in obedience to the Word of God: the Lord is the inexhaustible source of this joy.

John 15.11 : "These things have I spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and your joy may be perfect."

How to live this joy?"

Spend time reading your Bible every day. Joy acts as a liberation, an expression of your deepest feelings, it expresses itself through prayer or praise. It vivifies our gratitude for the Lord.

Psalms 97.12 : "Righteous, rejoice in the LORD, and celebrate with praise His holiness!"

We must persevere with the Lord, making Jesus the primary object of our soul's attention. The more we feel the need to feed ourselves each day, the greater our spiritual growth will be. It is a powerful reality that manifests itself in all areas of our lives.

Psalm 126.3 : "The lord hath done great things to us, we are glad."

Those who shed tears of tragedy, sorrow and disappointment have the greatest ability to receive the Word of God. Born again, joy is revealing of the Kingdom of God. It is the satisfaction of our heart that tells us: "Blessed be God for such a Savior, for such a salvation!"

Psalm 16.9 : "And my heart rejoices, my spirit rejoices, and my body resteth safely."

God wants our happiness. For that, we must regulate our personal situation. If you are in the light, you have that joy that came after repentance. Joy is the fruit of the recognition of our soul for our Redeemer, The Word of the Lord Jesus remains our banner.

James 1.2 : "My brethren and my Christian sisters, when you encounter difficulties of all kinds, be very happy, as you know, if your faith remains strong in difficulties, they make you more resistant."

Conclusion : to know the joy of the Kingdom of God is obedience to the Holy Word and communion with our Lord Jesus. We must therefore remain focused on the knowledge of the Gospel in meditation and prayer, to draw on this living water. Thus, the Lord is our joy, in fidelity and faith. But we must be vigilant, we must not relax our fidelity says Jesus:

- "But he who persevereth unto the end shall be saved."

The certainty and joy of salvation remain in perseverance.

Jeremiah 15.16 : "When your words were presented to me, I devoured them, they gave me joy, my heart was feasting, for I belong to you, Lord, God of the universe." Amen!