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What is the harvest?

Matthew 9.37 : "Jesus said to his disciples, "The harvest is great, but there are few workers."

Definition of Harvest, "Therismos" in Greek: action to harvest. Gathering of men in the kingdom of God. Reference to the time of the harvest, the last judgment, when the righteous will be gathered in the kingdom of God and the wicked cast into the lake of fire for eternity.

Romans 6.13 : "Do not give up your members to sin, as instruments of iniquity: but give yourself to God, as living of the dead that you were, and offer your members to God, as instruments of righteousness."

Jesus speaks to his disciples as sinners of men (winners of souls). Just as he himself was sent, Jesus sends his people to the earth, reserved for this great mission. Again, today, his workers preach the gospel of the good news of the Kingdom. It is the time of grace that extends to all humanity.

John 4.36 : "The reaper shall receive a reward, and gather fruit for everlasting life, that the sower and the reaper may rejoice together."

How to maintain a service ?

It is a living sacrifice and an intelligent service. Every service, every ministry is based on humility. Obedience is an attitude of heart as to remind us that it is the grace of God that works. It is spoken of good works in which we have to walk, but it is still God who prepares them for us.

John 17.16 : "As you sent me into the world, so have I sent them into the world."

The works being those of God, we never have to boast of them. The opportunities to fulfill them are the relationship of man to God; believers among themselves and finally relations with unbelievers. In this comprehensive work of God, we like to see the results that appear as the fruits of God's work.

Psalm 126.5 : "Those who sow with tears shall reap with songs of gladness, and he that weeps, when he bears seed, comes back with gladness, when he bears his sheaves."

The Christian life is not fulfilled only in a Christian assembly or a local church. It is above all the application of the Word of our Lord Jesus in our lives. The Christian must express his faith by communicating it with visible effects in love, joy, humility and purity. The love of God never remains confined between four walls, it is shared; it is expansive and free.

Luke 19.10 : "To seek and save that which is lost."

The accumulation of knowledge, which is not practiced, is useless. We must seek sinners who need to receive the love and mercy of Jesus Christ so that they in turn can taste the fruits. Jesus is the life and the light of men. We can not ignore it, true Christianity is to manifest the life of Jesus. The Christian life is a practical attitude of life according to The Word, it is not only Sunday morning worship.

John 3.17 : "To save, not to judge."

When we preach, we can fall into the trap of giving the impression of being superior because of our morality. Jesus commands us to preach the gospel, not to change sinners' morality.

2 Corinthians 9.6 : "Know this, he who sows sparingly will reap little, and he who sows abundantly will reap bountifully."

Watch out for the many wolves. These characters, who lecture, do not care about the personal life of each. This is the philosophy of infused science. The elected officials feel guilty and flee. They do not see Jesus. It is a marker that should alert all siblings.

Matthew 9.13 : "Go, and learn what it means: I take pleasure in mercy, and not in sacrifice, for I have not come to call righteous men but sinners."

"The sacrifices" bring no pleasure in the eyes of God. The traditions; dogmas and religions are obsolete. All these rites will never reach the height of the Love of Jesus Christ..

Matthew 9.38 : "Pray then the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his harvest."

True love is the gift of ourselves to others. Paul says, "For me to live is Christ!" That is the motto of all the redeemed. Let each of us say it and let everyone know how to accomplish it!

1 John 4.9 : "The love of God was manifested to us in that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live by him."

Conclusion : James tells us: "Practice the Word, and do not confine yourself to listening to it." Our goal as a Christian is to bring the people, not only in intimacy with God, but also in service, where they will be able to experience a deeper and deeper faith in community and ministry.
The great commission of the Lord: "Go, make disciples of all nations ...", should strengthen us in our foundations of The True Holy Doctrine.

Galatians 6.7 : "Do not be deceived: one does not make fun of God, and what a man has sown, he will also reap." Amen!